The aim of CPT is to create and maintain cutting-edge core facilities, widely and easily accessible by research groups, allowing both the strengthening of research excellence areas and the growing of the emerging fields of investigation. The global vision of CPT involves also an effective collaboration with different local entities as well as with other Universities.

Our Activities

  1. Platform access: we give access to the machines under the supervision and, if needed, with the assistance of CPT technical staff.
    Each platform is supervised by one or two CPT platform managers, whom in collaboration with some reference professors, ensure the scientific aims defined by the Technical Scientific Commettee to be followed.
  2. Service: different services are offered, including assistance in sample preparation, sample processing and data analysis. The service can be done by the CPT technical staff or through collaboration with scientists of the University.
  3. Seminars: we organize seminars and workshops in order to keep users informed about new technologies. Moreover, we periodically organize user-meeting in order to keep open the communication with our users and try to meet their specific needs.
  4. Training: we organize specific trainings for new users in order to promote the autonomous use of the machines as well as to promote knowledge about the different techniques offered by our facility.

The Center narrated by the Director, Prof. Chelazzi


Leonardo Chelazzi


E-mail: leonardo.chelazzi@univr.it
Office Phone 045 802 7149

Board of Directors

Direttore Prof. Leonardo Chelazzi

Prof. ssa Daniela Cecconi, Dip. di Biotecnologie

Prof.  Massimo Donadelli,  Dip. di Neuroscienze, Biomedicina e Movimento

Prof. Carlo Laudanna, Dip. di Medicina

Prof. Giovanni Battista Luciani,  Dip. di Scienze Chirurgiche, Odontostomatologiche e Materno Infantili

Prof. Alessandro Romeo,  Dip. di Informatica

Prof. Franco Tagliaro,  Dip. di Diagnostica e Sanità Pubblica

Prof. Roberto Giacobazzi, delegato del Magnifico Rettore



Erika Lorenzetto
Imaging platform


Elena Nicolato
Imaging platform


Francesca Griggio
Genomics and transcriptomics platform


Monica Castellucci
Genomics and transcriptomics platform



Daniela Sorio

Mass spectrometry platform


Maria Scardoni
Tecnico di laboratorio


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Giulia Finotti
Flow cytometry and cell analysis platform


Sabina Sittoni
Tecnico amministrativo