Access and Booking

Access Levels

Three different access levels are available:

  • Level 1: autonomous use. Trained users can use the facility instrumentation by themselves. The technicians manage the booking, ensure the proper equipment functioning and the access to laboratory rooms. The technicians ensure also that the users are aware of the laboratory safety measures.
  • Level 2: supervised use.  The users need support by CPT staff to use the machines. The technicians train users to use the equipment by themselves
  • Level 3: full service. The users need assistance by technicians in different phases of experiment (design, set-up, data acquisition, data analysis and interpretation). This level require a project feasibility evaluation, the CPT Director approval and a CD ratification

Facility Charges

The CPT policy establish charges for the use of CPT instruments.

The facility charges were proposed by the CD and approved by the board of directors of the University of Verona on the 25th June 2020. Charges became effective since the 1st August 2020.

The charges for all the machines are available in the following documents: Charges for Cytometry, Imaging, Spectroscopy, Spectrometry platforms  (update 01/01/2024) and Charges for Genomic platform (update 15/05/2024). All prices are VAT exclused.
Charges are relative to the autonomous use of the instrument. If assistance is needed, and for any other request please contact the reference technician of the platform by email.

To access the computational platform please contact


NB: to book a slot from the 1st of July onward DO NOT USE this form. You must use AGENDO:

All the Imaging Platform booking coming from the following form of this website will be ignored.

Users are kindly invide to book at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the access to the machines.

In order to book an instrument, please fill in the following request form. You will be contacted as soon as possible. Once you choose an instrument, you will be able to see the relative booking calendar. Please make sure that the date and time you are interested in are available. We kindly remind you that in order to access the Platforms it is mandatory to fill in the contract form (available at this link). 

    For further information and inquiry please use the following email addresses and office phones:

    Flow cytometry and cell analysis platform: – 045 802 7212

    Computing platform: – 045 802 8948 – 045 802 8944

    Genomic and transcriptomic platform: – 045 802 7220

    Imaging platform: – 045 802 7620

    Spectroscopy, diffractometry and molecular interaction study platform: – 045 802 7620 (Zanzoni) 045 802 7975 (Giarola)

    Mass spectrometry platform: – 045 802 7212

    Administrative secretary: – 045 802 7261

    For general information: