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Webinar: RNA-Seq and Single-Cell Data Analysis Made Simple

In collaboration with the Partek company, the Genomic and Transcriptomic platform is organizing the“RNA-Seq and Single-Cell Data Analysis Made Simple” webinar. The webinar will be on  March 23rd at 10:00 AM.   If there will be enough time, ChIP/ATAC Seq, WGA e WES will be also discussed. The Zoom link will be send by newsletter (please subscribe at

The webinar will be about the “Partek Flow” bioinformatic software, which is used for  Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis (RNA Seq, single cell, DNA Seq, ChIP/ATAC Seq, metagenomics e microarray).


  • Streamlined import of NGS data from any sequencing technology
  • Automated data processing by building and sharing analysis pipelines
  • Alignment to any reference genome using commonly available alignment tools and aligned readmapping to public or custom transcriptome databases
  • Differential gene expression detection, transcription factor analysis, variant calling, biomarkerdiscovery.
  • Powerful statistics and interactive visualisations – PCA, t-SNE (2D and 3D), UMAP (2D and 3D) scatterplots, hierarchical clustering, violin plots, dot plots, heatmaps etc
  • Identification of cell populations – known cell types and novel cell sub-types and automated cellclassification
  • Differential gene expression analysis in multiple samples
  • Labelling of cells with expression values of multiple genes
  • Feature barcoding data analysis (CITE-Seq etc) and multi-omics data integration (incl. CRISPR)
  • Demultiplexing of cell hashing data
  • Trajectory analysis
  •  Batch effect correction
  • Spatial transcriptomics
  • Biological insight discovery with GO and pathway enrichment analysis
  • Interactive Discussion and Q&AAll interested people are invited to attend.

    Participation is free of charge.