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Introduction to ICELL8 Single-Cell System and advanced applications

May 23rd, 2017 h 2.00 p.m.

Philippe Joanin, PhD

Business Development Manager, WaferGen

Takara Bio Europe

Cellular heterogeneity can obscure the vital actions of individual cells. Single-cell analysis is the fastest and easiest method to accurately study complex systems. With unparalleled cell isolation, cell selection, and sample throughput, the ICELL8 Single-Cell System will dramatically increase the pace of your biological discoveries. With the ICELL8 System, you now have control of your single-cell analysis; getting you the results you need to further your research.

The ICELL8 Single-Cell System consists of a unique pairing of reagents, hardware, and software. ICELL8 Chip technology is developed for single-cell isolation through individual well barcoding for cell registration and reagent optimization to enhance cell separation and viability. The hardware leverages the attuned sensitive and accurate sample dispensing power of the WaferGen Multi-Sample Nano-Dispenser (MSND) with a powerful imaging station. CellSelect software bridges these technologies by automatic selection for cells of interest and  user control over how best to process samples for downstream applications. This system-level solution for single-cell isolation  results in a powerful and user-friendly research tool for discovery.

The seminar will take place in the Aula C Lente Didattica Policlinico B.go Roma

Piazzale L. Scuro, 10 – 37134 Verona

Local organization and contact:

Dr.ssa Maria Teresa Valenti: mariateresa.valenti@univr.it

Prof. Massimo Delledonne: massimo.delledonne@univr.it