Computational platform

Plaform that proviedes high performance computing, storage, and cloud services for interested UniVR reseach groups.

The platform has about 750TB of redundant storage, and computing nodes equipped with fast memory and computing power in order to process like, as an example, molecular dynamic, large scale genomic data reconstruction, proteomic and metabolomic analysis, computational genomics, robotics systems simulation,  pattern recognition for bioinformatics, multidimensional signals modeling for the study of the tissue microstructure and cerebral connectivity, processing of large amount of images and high resolution 3D models,  numerical solution of large differential systems (ODEs e PDEs).

  • On premises high-performance computing (HPC) through a modular, heterogeneous (CPU/GPU) and expandable over time computing architecture
  • High capacity central storage system with high efficiency and security dedicated to rapid access and data sharing
  • Private cloud providing virtual machines and networks, web and software services.


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